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2014 CSEA Chapter 33 Executive Board
President Annette Perot 574-6328
Jr Past President Ulysses Guadamuz 574-6415
1st Vice President Charles Jones 574-6517
2nd Vice President, CSM/District Juanita Celaya 574-6927
2nd Vice President, Cañada Jeanne Stalker 306-3334
2nd Vice President, Skyline Chris Weidman 738-4393
Secretary Karen Chadwick 574-6514
Treasurer Linda Herda 738-4251
Chapter Communications Officer Carol Ullrich 574-6129
Chief Union Steward Chuck La Mere  
Steward Maria Lara-Blanco 306-3122
Steward Rachel Corrales 306-3271
Steward Tabitha Conaway
Steward Finausina Tovo 574-6417
Steward Yesenia Mercado 306-3280
Steward Linda Ma 574-6489
Steward Vacant
Steward Vacant
Steward Vacant
Steward Vacant
Steward Vacant
Parliamentarian Olivia Cortez-Figueroa 574-6148
Website Juanita Celaya 524-6927



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